Jack (2017)

Pat Talbot Productions, Everyman Palace Cork.

The Bed (2016)

Theatre Makers, Midsummer Festival Cork.

Juno and the Paycock (2016)

Everyman Palace Productions, Everyman Palace Cork.

King Lear (2015)

Cyclone Theatre Company, national tour of Ireland.

The Chronicles of Oggle (2013)

Asylum Productions, Everyman Palace Cork.

Rita Dunne (2008)

Everyman Palace Productions, Axis Theatre Ballymun, Civic Theatre Tallaght and Everyman Palace Cork.

Disco Pigs (2007)

Granary Productions, Granary Theatre and Everyman Palace Cork.

The Train Show (2006)

Playgroup Theatre Company, Cork to Cobh Train.

Dark Week (2005)

Playgroup Theatre Company, Everyman Palace Cork. (Irish Times Theatre Awards Nominee).

The Glass Menagerie (2004)

Everyman Palace Productions, Everyman Palace Cork.

Snap (2003)

Corcadorca Theatre Company, IAWS Building Cork and The Project Dublin (co-composed with Linda Buckley).

The Yellow Wallpaper (2003)

Thinking Image Theatre Company, Triskel Arts Centre and Granary Theatre Cork, and Andrew's Lane Dublin.